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Many people have watched movies about the killer bees and it has created an apiphobia among the population when they see nests of the African honey bees near their home. If you find bees flying in your back yard it doesn't mean that they have a hive nearby because bees can travel miles searching for the food source. The hives exist only if you see bees clustering near your home that is a clear indication that a hive is nearby and it is necessary to call a professional Bee Exterminator Bronx. Bees are useful for humans in many ways because they produce honey and half of the vegetables and fruits consumed by us are pollinated by bees. Only the African honey bees become very dangerous to the humans when they make hives near their homes.

Eliminating a bee hive is a complicated process that requires services of a professional company like At Last Pest Control. The difference between the African honey bee and the common European honey bee which is commonly found in the US is purely temperamental. African bees are very aggressive while defending their colonies. There are many cases of people's death because of bee stings and as per medical science certain percentage of the population are allergic to bee venom that sometimes can become fatal. The allergic symptoms can be appeared from itching, swelling, breathing difficulty and loss of consciousness. Our Apiology department is managed by the experts who are leaders in identifying different species of bees and implementing different methods of eradication.

Bee Exterminator Bronx emergency bee treatment methods involve precision oriented pesticide spraying, removal of dead bees, cleaning the honeycombs and the hives. The entire area is sanitized so that the remains of the honey do not attract other pests by sealing all cracks and crevices. Our comprehensive prevention techniques use methods of the bee elimination which make nests near your home. Such food sources like rotting fruits and sweet rubbish are removed from the vicinity of the house and cracks and holes are sealed inside and outside of your homes so that bees can not find any space to make a hive. Bee control techniques require extreme caution due to the dangers involved. Each strategy is properly planned before execution. We use EPA approved non staining pesticides in prevention control and strictly follow the guidelines laid out by the Dept of agriculture. Our emergency and customer support wings works 24/7 and is always available to take care of all your problems related with bees.

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