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Fleas treatment is a very long and messy affair that can be done only by the professional company like At Last Pest Control who has the experience in fleas control and can provide the effective treatment. Fleas have different stages in their life cycle and only a specialized Flea Extermination Bronx who understands all the stages can eradicate the flea infestation completely. Usually fleas attack pets and cattle but as well they can live inside your house, outside in your yard and any other place where they can hide and the most unique thing is that they can travel a mile in a short span of one hour. Fleas can reach any part of your house to lay their eggs and can survive without food for more than sixty days. They survive by drinking the blood of your pets and can lay hundreds of eggs which are normally hatched during one week or even one year it depends on the climate. Fleas can transmit disease to your pets which is a major health hazard and sometimes it can be fatal.

Unlike other pest treatment the flea eradication it is not a onetime treatment process it needs lots of persistence and patience. Our Professionals from At Last Pest Control who are the experts in Fleas Exterminator Bronx providing simultaneous treatment to your pets and sanitize the entire house and surrounding areas to eradicate the flea problem completely. Fleas which feed on your pets are the adult fleas which constitute just ten percent of the flea population and the rest ninety percent are eggs and larvas which are hidden in your carpets and other living areas. Avoiding these areas during the treatment process can worsen the flea problem that is why continuous flea treatment is the only way to control the flea infestation but only one time treatment will not resolve the problem.

At Last Pest Control is Situated in Bronx and controlled by a team of professionals and veterinary doctors who can ensure that the treatment process is executed properly and in an effective way. Some of the Fleas Exterminator Bronx treatment methods adopted by us like bathing pets with a flea repellent shampoo and then vacuuming all the house, carpets and areas where fleas can hide and sanitizing the entire house by the spraying pesticides. We are the only company with a customer support division that works 24 hours per day and our professional way of operation together with the precision oriented flea control made us the most popular comparing with other companies all over the state.

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