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At Last Pest Control is the #1 Bronx pest control company also serving NYC, Westchester County & Long Island. Our Bronx pest control company uses the latest techniques to solve the problem the first time so that customer's will only need maintenance work instead of having several expensive visits to the place of infestation. "At Last Pest Control's vision is to service our customer's with integrity, professionalism, and care without disrupting the lifestyle that the customer enjoys living."

With At Last Pest Control's environmentally sound method, you can rest assure that the chemicals we use are only going to hurt the pest, not your family or pet. For the best services in pest control serving all New York areas we are the company to call!

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At Last Pest Control has provided excellent services to both residential & commercial property owners in the Bronx and surrounding areas. Our customers trust in our ability to keep their property free from bugs & other pests, and we have the expert knowledge to eliminate them if they ever are found.

Why choose us? We are committed to providing environment friendly services. We provide affordable 24 Hour Exterminator Bronx services. We the top rated Bronx Pest Control company, and we always make sure that every one of our customers are fully satisfied with the treatment, and results we provide.

If we kill the spiders the predators of spiders can find other preys outdoors and this becomes an important reason for them to leave your premises for food search. This is the right scientific approach to avoid the accumulation of poison along the food chain. If the ants are sprayed and killed and left open for an ant eater to feed on, they will accumulate the pesticide in the ants' eater's body as it eats thousands at a time. The dead ant eater if left open will be eaten by some birds or other scavengers. They will all die and killing ants will result in killing of many other animals.

Our staff at At Last Pest Control is trained to provide counseling to the clients before any practical step is taken for controlling the pests. They brief you to opt for the best solution. The staff shares all the possible risks to your pets and children at home. There are certain precautions taken before and after the pest treatment according to the pest and the pesticide used.

The satisfied customers talk about us giving positive remarks and comments. They say that our friendly staff can combat any number of pests and any kind of pests like silverfish, spiders, moths, roaches, termites, bedbugs or rodents for example rats, moles, squirrels or mice.

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At Last Pest Control can very explain all the facts & realities about the pests to you. We know the life cycles, food chains, and breeding places of different pests more than anybody else. We claim this because our staff constantly takes refreshers and consults research reports from authentic researchers. Some pests have nothing to do with the cleanliness and food remains etc. if we take an example of a spider or a termite, they have nothing to do with the clean and tidy environment.

Pests are harmful creatures which when left without being exterminated in the house, they can cause huge losses. They often make human beings uncomfortable and stressful and some even opt to vacate from their houses. That's not the best thing to do, look for a Bronx pest control company that will provide quality and durable services. The New York residents are often presented with many choices because of the very many pest control in NYC and Long Island that are there but Exterminator NY NJ has proved to be the best in delivering on time services without delays.

We are the most popular and many people are always looking for ways and means in which they can access our services. Our fame wasn't from the blues or just a walk in the park; we have worked really hard for it and that is clearly shown in the way we deliver our services. There are some pest exterminating companies that might delay you may be due to lots of paper works or clients but we will serve you on time.

Unlike the others, we are well organized; we have well structured units and planned programs because we know that we have very many new clients coming in every day. Therefore, in case one has pest matter that he or she needs to be sorted out, we have teams who are on the stand by all the time. When you need us, we are always there for you.

It's also quite unfortunate that some people are scared of consulting pest exterminating companies because of the techniques they use to wipe out pests. They think the methods used will cause some adverse side effects in their surroundings. We are proud to inform you that unlike some pest control NYC companies in New York, Exterminator NYC uses eco friendly methods. These methods will ensure that the environment is not polluted in any way. We use techniques which are friendly to the settings of that area and no bad effects are witnessed or realized afterwards.

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Our versatility in service delivery has also played a large impact in enhancing our popularity. We deal with all kinds of pests that are a nuisance to you. Exterminator NYC offers more versatile services compared to the other pest control NYC companies in this city. We eradicate and fully get rid of all kinds of pests such as bedbugs, spiders, moth and many other more. We have a guaranteed removal of bed bugs policy, so you know your bed bug problems will be taken care of! This has given us an edge over the other companies because we attract people with different types of pest infestation problems.

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We have a proven record of friendly, effective services that produce results and have been rated the #1 Pest Control Company in NYC. We ensure that all work is done with utmost professionalism using environmentally friendly materials.


For us, honesty is the only policy and all service is provided with integrity, not just with our clients, but also our suppliers and contractors. With thousands of successful exterminations under our belt, we are one of the most trusted Pest Control companies in the Tri-State area.


We use the latest procedures and technology, and most effective solutions available to ensure that your Pest Control problems are dealt with fast and with the least environmental impact possible.

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We are the most sought after Pest Control Companies in the Bronx. Here are some of the top Pest Control Services we provide here in the Bronx:

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When you are looking or a Bronx Pest Control company At Last Pest Control will be ready 24/7 to serve you.

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Patterson tenant Megan Acosta, 28, said the rodents are a year-round presence at the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) complex in Mott Haven.

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Our promise as the #1 Pest Control Company in NYC, Westchester, and Long Island is to provide you the best control services at an affordable rate using environmentally friendly techniques.

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