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At Last Pest Control is a formidable force in ant eradication treatment for residential and commercial establishments in NYC. We maintain our reputation in ant control by focusing on the latest treatment methods and by having high degree of professionalism. Our experts are well trained and equipped with the latest techniques just to ensure the total eradication and not to let the environment to be affected. We adopt ant exterminator NYC techniques using in-house treatment methods developed by our special department. Ant control techniques changed due to the banning of high toxic pesticides but we still continue to provide an excellent service in ant eradication using eco friendly chemicals and trying to meet commitments in front of our clients.

We are the only company having a wing consisting of myrmecologists who are specialized in different ant species and their habitats. They inspect the infested area accompanied by our chemical experts and after study the infestation and suggest an action plan. As well they instruct the execution team on how to proceed. Ants can multiply into millions if not treated on time. Winters and humid conditions lead to an exodus of different species of ants. The most aggressive and trouble kind is the argentine ant which wipes out the other species and takes over the entire house. Environmental changes also trigger an influx of many species of ants into the house because they attempt to find the food source. The eradication of argentine ants requires services of a professional company that understands the behavior of the argentine ants and executes the treatment process in a professional and effective way.

At Last Pest Control's IPM method and slow acting pesticides developed by our own department is highly effective and eco friendly. All treatment methods are done by using a slow toxicity baiting chemicals depending on the species and the size of the nests. IPM treatment process involves different levels and relies upon inspection, proofing, sanitation and baiting. We provide the ant exterminator NYC service to residences, schools, healthcare facilities and food processing plants where infestation is very high that requires a strong treatment. We implement a perfect and target oriented treatment method and we are able to achieve a hundred percent customer satisfactions which is hard to achieve in the pest control industry. Our customer support division works 24/7 attending to customer queries and we can ensure that no one company in NYC can provide the ant eradication treatment process the way we do.

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