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Almost all the pests are harmful to human beings and the environment and each household or establishments have its own share of these unwanted invaders. At Last Pest Control is the leading pest control services company in NJ providing various pest eradication solutions. Lack of awareness among the general public about eco-friendly pesticides and banning of strong chemicals by the government added to the chaos when it comes to pests. Our core team uses the latest IPM method and eco friendly chemicals in the eradication process of all types of pests like bed bugs, rats, cockroaches, fleas, moths, ants and termites from residences, establishments, schools, factories and any other place where there is a pest infestations.

Our pest control Irvington NJ wing uses a structured and systematic method consisting of inspection, execution and monitoring which is closely supervised by the experts. Our inspection team is headed by the pest control experts which inspect and assess the infestation and chalk out a detailed action plan and after advise the execution team on how to proceed with the treatment process. Once the treatment and the cleaning process is over the monitoring team takes over and keeps track of the infested site on a regular basis and the findings are forwarded to the research department for analysis. The entire eradication process is executed under the strict supervision of the experts with the latest equipments and eco friendly pesticides.

At Last Pest Control has a wide network all over the state and fully equipped mobile units that are placed in strategic locations to cover remote locations in order to reach the infested place in a short time. Our team members accepted for the job are well trained in different pest species and different types of eco friendly pesticides. As well they are perfectly trained in eco friendly strategies like biological control and habitat manipulation. Eco friendly pesticides are chosen carefully before implementation just to reduce the risks to humans and the environment. Our pest control Irvington NJ wing maintains full professionalism when applying treatments. So we were able to earn a formidable name in the pest control industry with the help of our swift and precision oriented treatment methods. We are the only company offering 24 hours service and our customer support, logistic division and the mobile units work just to take care of the customer requirements. The fastest reply on our customers call together with the efficient implementation of the treatment process made us to be the best choice for the customers in NJ.

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