Bed Bugs and the havoc they cause

People tend to think that bed bugs may be caused by debris or not cleaning up the house. People are incorrect when they believe that because bed bugs can come from anywhere and they spread quietly and quickly. They can even spread without knowing that you are possibly transporting them to another place because they may have jumped in a bag, or on clothes to move to the next place.
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) bed bugs are not extremely dangerous to your health; however, they can be an annoyance and someone who has asthma or allergies may want to seek some medical attention to assist with the health portion of a bed bug infestation. Additionally, it is wise to have a licensed exterminator to treat the problem and with the guidance of the technician they will know what you need to do to eradicate the issue.
M.J. from Queens woke up one morning and noticed that he had red bites all over the bottom of his arm. M.J suffers from allergies and other health issues, so he thought nothing about it and went on about his day. He took his medications and used some cream to help him with the skin irritation that he noticed. The next morning, M.J. woke up again and this time the red spots were on both arms and shoulders as well as areas of the chest. Again, he went to the doctor and no one could figure out what the problem was.
By this point, M.J was super frustrated because his partner who was sleeping next to him, had zero bumps or red spots and M.J. (who is an insomniac) was not getting to sleep at night at all now. M.J would wear heavy clothes to bed and still wake up with new spots and continuously head to the doctors to know relief. The spots were itchy, embarrassing and very annoying when showering to go to work. People didn’t want to be near M. J. because of all this. Finally, one evening M.J. made a huge discovery by getting out of bed while watching TV. As he headed back from the bathroom, he noticed a small bug, the size of a dime crawl under the cover of his bed. He took off the cover and saw that there were five other bugs similar to his one under the cover just waiting for him to get into bed that night. M.J. took a picture of the bug and got all five of those bugs in a plastic bag. He made a phone call to At Last Pest Control and spoke with Eddie. Eddie explained to him that he believed it was bed bugs and they must have gotten in rom somewhere else. M.J. and his partner took ALL CLOTHES and put them in bags. Removed all sheets from the bed, both showered including taking their dogs in the bath and left for a hotel that night.
Eddie from At Last Pest Control came over in the morning and lifted up the mattress to find hundreds of bed bugs in the apartment. M. J and his partner were devastated because they are clean people and never have any problems until now. Eddie educated them on what to do and how to avoid this problem in the future. Over a decade later, M.J. has never had a bed bug problem again. Thank you AT LAST PEST CONTROL, YOU WERE OUR SAVING GRACE THAT

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