How to say Goodbye to Bed Bug: Effectively and Permanently!

After reading M.J’s story in another blog, you should have a basic understanding of the havoc that bed bugs can cause. They are devastating to a person’s health, self-confidence and emotionally damaging to people because they are silent. People don’t have to live like that of fear that they may be the next victim of this rapidly spreading bug.
The first thing that you must do is understand if you have this infestation and the best way to treat it before it starts to really make your life Hell. Watch out for little red bumps that are very itchy on your skin. If you have a certain type of blood, the bugs can bite you much more than someone else laying in the same bed with you. While you sleep you can become a feast for their little colony.
Make sure to continue changing your bed sheets and towels weekly and check to see if there are any bed bugs at all. You may also purchase for a reasonable price from At Last Pest Control a special mattress cover that will help to ensure no bugs can get into your mattress. When you flip your mattress over, be sure to deep clean it the best you possible can. If you happen to see any cracks in your walls, make sure to fill them all in.
Kick that clutter out of your home and life. If you don’t use it, you probably don’t need it either. Bugs find those places to be an amazing spot to hang out and produce more bugs; meanwhile, they wait for you to go to sleep and then it is feeding time. Whatever you can not deep clean such as fabric headboards, footboards or ottomans try to seal them with plastic when you notice an infestation. Lastly, call At Last Pest Control and get rid of the problem.
The technicians at At Last Pest Control will advise you on what you MUST do to prepare for their visit. Because time is of the essence is it wise to make sure that you are prepared as much as possible. Remove all cloth items, clothing, sheets, shoes and sneakers placing them in plastic bags sealing them up really tight. If any bugs are present in there, they will die from hunger and lack of oxygen. Additionally, take all those clothes and wash them in either hot or very cold water depending on the delicate cloth that you have. Either way, the bugs will die from drowning and lack of air. Bed bugs may come back, so it is important for you to follow the steps carefully.
Make sure before you enter your home that you check any bags that you are bringing into your home. Bed bugs can find their way into your personal belongings without you knowing. Make sure to stay bed bug free with prevention methods and At Last Pest Control at your side.

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