Rats and Mice: The Threats They Pose and How to Get Rid of Them

During my time in NYC, I have had the pleasure of running into rats the size of house
cats. I have seen some mice walking along the side of the street at nice looking for garbage teat and to get into so they can survive. Although, an unpleasant site to see and not something
many would be interested in even looking at they do exist in our world. The worst part of the
sight is that we all know that they can get into our homes through tiny cracks and breaks within
our home.
Our basements can be a haven for rats and mice because it is quiet, moist and offers a
highway for them to move around while we sleep as well as live upstairs. For many of us the
most unlived place in our home is the basement. Think about how often you go into your
basement in one day?! Many of us hardly use the basement except for using it for storage.
Many people simply have their washer/dryer in their basement and we may not do laundry all
the time. However, some of our basements may not be completely used either. We would run
down there do what we must to transfer clothes or store a few things and head back upstairs.
The best way to prevent a rat or a mouse to get into your home is by plugging up the
cracks in the walls of the home. However, you can’t simply put up a wooden board and expect
that to work for you. You must use specific items to help you get those plugged up. Although it
can be very brutal to the pest, this specific type of material cuts up the mouth and the feet of
the rat or mouse to simply back off and not come back.
In order to rid yourself of these pests, it is in your best interest to call a licensed pest
control company such as At Last Pest Control because rats and mice will bite. They must be
removed properly and safely; additionally, the spots that pests can get in must be sealed up
properly so that the problem doesn’t return. Many companies may offer a simple solution that
will only last for a short time and then the little rascals will come back and you must call again.
It is best to call a company that will help you solve the problem and maintain the problem
Overall, think of the diseases and germs that rats and mice can bring to your home as
well as leave in your home. Children may find the droppings and can put that in their mouths
very quickly without a parent even watching it happen. I remember that as a child, my German
Sheppard brought my mom a mouse that he found in the backyard of our house and of course,
my mom freaked out. She quickly called a pest control company and we never saw a mouse
again. They weren’t in the backyard or in our house ever again and I use At Last Pest Control
myself to make sure that I never get the chance to ever meet a rat or mouse again.

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