Flea:Tick Prevention and Treatment

Flea/Tick Prevention and Treatment: Protecting you and your furry four-legged babies!!!

Across the city, state and country, people have their four legged fur babies running around the yard and the house. These babies get on our couch, sleep in our beds, have their own comfy beds and often time roll around in grass outside. Our furry little best friends are being their naturals selves. However, there is some intruders in that grass that sometimes the fertilizers or DIY bug sprays can miss allowing fleas and ticks to find their way into our home from our babies.

Usually, we don’t even notice it until our pet starts scratching and behaving strangely in order to find relief. We realize how expensive the veterinarian can be, so we try to resolve the issue ourselves and we decide to go get flea collars and flea shampoo to help. Unfortunately, that may be too late. We should have been protecting from this situation in the first place and we didn’t beat the ugly buggers from feeding on our friend. 

With your pet you have several options to help you stay on top of the problem before it even becomes one. Visit your veterinarian prior to any issues arising and stay on top of the issue from day one. Make sure to brush your dog often and see go through their coat to be certain that nothing is coming into your house with them. Every if they have super short hair, they can still be susceptible to fleas and tick. Smaller and shorter dogs can be the absolutely nightmare for people with bugs in their yard.

Becky had a beautiful little corgi mix and this god was just the cutest thing. However, she never had her yard sprayed by an exterminator since she owned the home. She always thought that I live in cold weather so it will never get that bad. Unfortunately, for Becky she couldn’t be any more wrong. One March afternoon, there was a little frost on the grass and the weather was in the 50s. However, her baby decided to roll around on the grass and she didn’t catch it. 

That night her fur baby started biting at its side and chewing on its paws. Becky tried to itch the baby for some relief not realizing that her baby had a tick on it. Becky didn’t pay attention to anything that night and the next day it was a little bit worse for the fur baby. The fur baby went out the next morning after a nice frost and another tick got on the dog. Now the dog started itching both sides of its body. Becky finally took the dog to vet and was told that her dog has ticks. She was given medications to help kill the ticks and she made a call to At Last Pest Control to start the spraying process to alleviate the issues that she was facing.

Over a few days she noticed that her baby was feeling better and was not attacking its skin or its paws. She was finally rid of ticks and probably many other issues that have been in the grass at that time. Don’t wait until it is too late, ticks can just onto furniture and take over then the issues can get worse. Call At Last Pest Control and have that monthly spray to deal with it before it becomes a big problem.